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Sperm Donor May End Up Paying Child Support

  The state of Kansas is trying to make a sperm donor pay child support, according to the Chicago Tribune. William Marotta, 46, donated sperm to a lesbian couple under a written agreement that he would not be held liable for child support. However, in October 2012, the state sought to have Marotta declared the father of the child and start paying child support because the couple had financial problems. “This was totally unexpected,” said Marotta. “The very first thing that went through my mind was that no good deed goes unpunished.” He may end up paying child support and about $6,000 in medical expenses related to the child’s birth.

According to a Kansas law, the sperm must be donated via a licensed doctor in order for the father to be free of any obligations. Marotta did not donate the sperm through a doctor or clinic but instead gave a container of semen directly to the two women.

Other donors may become unwilling to donate sperm if the state wins the case. “It certainly might have a negative effect on other men’s willingness to help couples who need a donor, which would be harmful to everyone,” said Shannon Minter, legal director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Marotta’s defense has argued that he has no parental rights or responsibilities because of the agreement he made with the couple and cannot be financially responsible for the child.

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