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Back To School: The Divorced Edition

Posted on in Child Custody

The Huffington Post divorce section recently published a story about children going back to school before, during, and after their parents divorce. Here are a few important things to consider while going through these situations.

According to the story in the Huffington Post, teachers have said that they can tell that parents are separating long before it actually happens, because of how strongly a child's home life affects them at school. Divorce may be a private matter, but things that a child witnesses at home play a role in other social situations. Informing a teacher when there are disruptions in the child's home life, however inconvenient it might be, could benefit your child while at school. A teacher can work with a child who acts out if they know the cause.

After parents separate, they may have a hard time communicating with each other, the child, and other adults in the child's life. Both parents usually want to know if there is an issue with their at school, however if the child's family splits up, the burden is on the parents to ensure that the information gets to both households. The schools do not always have the resources to contact both parents separately regarding every little thing, so preserving good communication is important if you wish to know how your child is doing at school.

Take into account that your child, no matter what age they are, spends as much time at school as you do at work. This makes school an important social network in your child's life. Parents in the midst of a divorce can argue a lot, and your child's school is not a good place to do it. In addition to your own child, other students will witness the scenes, and that might make your child feel embarrassed or uncomfortable around those people. The same goes for older children having to explain who their mom's or dad's date is or why there are 4 "parents" at school events. Be considerate of what your child is going through during your divorce.

Your behavior during and after your divorce will affect your child's life and development. Some couples can maintain peace around their children more easily than others, however, if this is not possible, a qualified legal professional in the Chicago area can help you with legal documents that will list specific rules regarding custody, child support, the child's religion and other important child related decisions. Getting qualified legal help is crucial. Our family law attorneys will listen to your specific situation and help you make the best decisions for your family. Do not hesitate, but contact a Chicago area divorce lawyer today.

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