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24 Year Old Charged with Battery

Posted on in Assault & Battery

Nicholas Edward Muniz is a 24 year old from Glen Elynn that recently received a total of six charges. Muniz had recently acquired charges of battery and disorderly conduct. According to reports, he touched two girls inappropriately. These girls were age 14 and age 16. The girls told police that Muniz touched them while they were in Target on May 11 and May 12.

When a third girl came forward to tell police what Muniz had touched her inappropriately as well, he had even more charges piled on. According to the 13 year old, the man touched her inappropriately when she first walked into Target. This was the same Target that he was accused of touching the other two girls. After touching her, Muniz followed her around the store before disappearing. The girl later saw his picture in the newspaper and contacted police.

Muniz was arrested on Saturday and taken to the St. Charles police station. He was later charged with not only battery but disorderly conduct. Muniz has six of these charges against him at this time.

Muniz will remain at the Kane County Correctional Facility until his bail has been paid. He will have to pay $1,000 in order to be released. He will be facing another court date on June 21.

If you or a loved one has been charged with battery, you will want to contact a Chicago assault defense lawyer to handle your case. Your lawyer will be able to take every measure necessary to hear you out and protect your rights. When you have been charged with battery, you could be forced to serve a year in jail. You will want to tell your lawyer your entire story so they can do everything in their power to help you. A Chicago defense lawyer can help protect your rights.

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