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5 Things You Must Know About Illinois DUI Law Before Getting Stopped

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If an officer stops you and you have been drinking, remember, remain in your vehicle with your seatbelt fastened and when spoken to, remain courteous but firm. Keep in mind that the officer is not just trying to determine if you are able to drive, the officer is also trying to build evidence to support a case for DUI according the Illinois State Statute.

  1. Provide identification when requested. The officer will ask for your driver's license and registration. How easily you find these items will be noted on the officer's report. If you fumble around for them, it will look like you&ve had too much to drink.
  2. Politely refuse to take field tests. When you do submit to field tests, you are giving evidence that will be used against you. There is no law requiring you to do the tests. Some officers will tell you they will take you to jail if you don&t do the tests. Don&t fall for it. They were going to take you to jail anyway.
  3. If asked, politely explain that you will not agree to a search of your car. If the officer has to ask you to agree, it's a red flag. Just say no. If an officer has enough reason to get a search warrant, he or she will. If not, then why search?
  4. Politely refuse to answer questions. Usually the officer will ask you a few questions about what you&ve had to drink and then move on to more questions later at the station. Your best response is: "I can only answer your questions on the advice of my attorney."
  5. Cooperate, cooperate, cooperate. Cooperation means having a good attitude and being polite. It doesn&t mean answering questions or doing field tests or talking. Your attitude, appearance and words all become part of the officer's report.

If you are arrested and face a DUI charge, you need the best Cook County DUI attorney available who can provide you with expert legal advice and guidance throughout your ordeal. Contact a professional Illinois criminal defense lawyer today who is on your side with regards to your rights and privileges involving any kind of drunk driving charge.

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