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Another Reason to be Afraid of the Dentist

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Alberto Nunez offered a variety of dental procedures, including root canals, bite impressions, cleanings, dental surgery and braces, from his home office. Records show he was seeing about thirty patients a week for at least the past two years. Nunez’s dental office was equipped with a chair, lights, tools, syringes, an X-ray machine and more. There was only one thing missing – a license to practice dentistry.

That missing license has left Nunez charged with a Class 4 felony of practicing dentistry without a license and a misdemeanor unlawful possession of hypodermic syringes. He has been released on $10,000 individual recognizance bond.

Based on information from a tip, Special Operations Unit officers began an investigation into Nunez’s practice. According to a report in the Chicago Sun Times, when investigators tried to make an appointment with the 32 year old alleged dentist, they were told by office staff that there were no openings for at least a week because of the full schedule of patients already booked.

While in the home and waiting for her appointment, the undercover officer saw a patient, who had just had a root canal procedure performed by Nunez, leave. At that point, officers entered the home with a search warrant and discovered the dental equipment.

Nunez told police that he had attended dental school inMexico City; however he could not provide officers with any documentation. Records show he is not licensed to practice dentistry by the State of Illinois.  Police say it is unclear if his patients knew Nunez was illegally operating his practice.

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