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Bank Robbery Suspect Strapped to Chair in Court

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Unusual procedures were seen in a federal courtroom when the judge ordered a bank robbery suspect to be strapped into a chair. The judge’s decision was fueled by the suspect’s constant requests to be excused from his trial. The Chicago Tribune reported a story on this interesting courtroom scenario.

The repeated outbursts of Joseph “Jose” Banks, also known as the Second Hand Bandit, led to the judge’s order to strap him in his chair. It took five deputy U.S. marshals to carry out this order.

Banks is accused of robbing two banks and attempting to rob two others.

Banks asked the judge what the reasons for restraining him were, although U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer had explained to Banks that he could not leave the courtroom, since he was representing himself in the trial. Banks had asked to be excused while evidence was presented to the jury, at which time he could not be excuse, because he had no attorney to represent him.

Banks received his nickname, the Second Hand Bandit, as a result of his unusual clothing choices during the robberies. According to Banks’ family, he was a clothing designer in the making.

Banks’ defense included, for example, him saying that he objects to everything. “Past, present, and future.”

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