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Cameras and Other Recording Devices Soon Allowed in DuPage County Courtrooms

Posted on in Criminal Defense

A new pilot program may allow recording devices in criminal and civil courtrooms in DuPage County, the Beacon-News reported on September 25. Previously, neither video nor audio recordings of court proceedings have been permissible. According to Chief Justice Thomas Kilbride, the purpose of the program is “to bring more transparency and more accountability to the Illinois court system, to assure that a fair and impartial trial is not compromised,” and to give “a closer look at the workings of our court system to the public through the eyes of the electronic news media and news photographers.”

The program won’t allow media coverage of all court proceedings, there are some exceptions. For example, recording devices won’t be allowed during juvenile, divorce, adoption, child custody, evidence suppression and trade secret cases, jury selection, and any other court proceeding that is required by Illinois law to be held in private. Likewise, the testimonies of sexual abuse victims, police informants, undercover agents and relocated witnesses cannot be recorded without the consent of the testifying victim. In other cases, a witness or a party can request not to be included in the media coverage; however, the judge decides whether such request shall be granted.

It’s possible that the new policy comes into effect in DuPage County, which is in the 18th Judicial Circuit, as soon as October. Other judicial circuits in Illinois have either already allowed recording devices in their court proceedings or are in the process of working on local rules and logistics for allowing the program.

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