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A tip to police from an auto body shop has led to the arrest of an elderly Woodstock woman in the hit and run death of 6 year old Brayan Silva, of Leland. Veramae C. Phillip, 83, faces felony charges of failure to report a fatal traffic crash and leaving the scene of a fatal traffic crash.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the boy, who celebrated his sixth birthday on August 30th, was walking with his family on Franklinville Road, just southwest of Woodstock, around 9 p.m. when he was hit by the 2001 silver Chevy Malibu driven by Philips.

After the accident, the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office contacted auto shops and tow companies in the area, asking for their help in finding the vehicle that hit Brayan. An auto body shop in Marengo contacted police and reported a silver Malibu with a damaged headlight. Police confirmed it was the car that was involved in the fatality and issued a warrant for Phillip. She turned herself in to police immediately upon learning of the warrant.


The state of Illinois lists three classes of misdemeanors, lesser crimes that carry a lighter sentence than felonies do.  While the exact sentence varies according to the facts of a case, the Criminal Code makes general distinctions between the three classes of misdemeanors.  Anyone facing a misdemeanor charge should consult with an experienced lawyer before appearing before a court.

Class C Misdemeanor:

The lowest class of misdemeanors are the Class C.  An individual charged with a Class C crime faces up to 30 days in jail and/ or up to a $1,500 fine.  The most common Class C offenses are assault, disorderly conduct or possession of less than 2.5 grams of marijuana.

Class B Misdemeanor:

Moving up the scale are Class B misdemeanors.  If convicted of a Class B offense, a person faces up to six months in jail and/ or a $1,500 fine.  Examples of Class B misdemeanors are harassment by phone, trespassing, and  possession of 2.5-10 grams of marijuana.

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