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Chasing customers for payment lands alleged drug dealer in the hospital

Posted on in Assault & Battery

Police in Woodstock report that an alleged drug dealer suffered critical injuries when he chased to a customer who refused to pay for drugs.

The alleged dealer was thrown from the hood of a car while trying to run down customer John C. Kurchina  on Sunday night.  Following a drug deal at a home at the 600 block of Lawndale Avenue in Woodstook, the Kurchina took a still undisclosed amount of marajuana and then ran from the alleged dealer without paying.

That's when the alleged dealer decided to give chase, according to police.

Kurchina ran to a waiting vechicle while the drug dealer ran after him. The unidentified 26 year old jumped on the hood of the car as Kurchina jumped into the passenger side.

Police report that the dealer was able to hang onto the hood of the car before the driver, 21-year-old Hanna M. Schacht of the 13800 block of Sunset Ridge in Woodstock, slammed on the breaks.  The alleged dealer was thrown onto the pavement where he sustained critical injuries including a hit on the head.

Paramedics transported the alleged dealer to the hospital, and as of Tuesday police list him in critical condition.

Schacht was charged with one count each of felony theft from a person and felony failure to report an accident involving personal injury, according to Woodstock police.

Kurchina, was charged with felony theft from a person, police said.  Schacht is currently being held in the McHenry County Adult Correctional Facility under a $25,000 bond.  Kurchina posted a $2,000 bond and was released from custody according to police.

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