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Chicago Man Charged with First Degree Murder in Shooting Death

Posted on in Weapon Charges

A thirteen year old boy was shot and killed in what prosecutors are labeling a gang-related murder. Andre Alejandro, 22, of Rogers Park, has been charged with fatally shooting Ivan Alanis in the face after shouting gang slogans at him. Alejandro is an admitted member of the Gangster Disciples street gang.

According to prosecutors, Ivan walked into Laurie’s Pizza and Liquors, in the 5100 block of North Broadway, with his older sister and her friend. Alejandro believed them to be members of a rival gang. He exchanged words with the group and then pulled out a gun, firing it three times, hitting the boy in the mouth. The victim was pronounced dead at the hospital.  Prosecutors said no one in Ivan’s group was armed.

After the shooting, Alejandro fled the scene, but was arrested a few hours later. There is surveillance video that shows him shooting the gun, as well as eyewitnesses to the shooting. Police reports claim that Alejandro admitted to shooting the gun twice and then stashing the gun in a gangway.

The Chicago Tribune reports that this is not that first time Alejandro has been accused of gang activity. He was convicted in 2008 of aggravated battery in the beating of a suspected rival, who was left with 45 stitches to the face and head. He also has a 2007 felony conviction for narcotics possession, as well as numerous misdemeanor convictions.

In Illinois, a first degree murder conviction carries a penalty of a minimum of twenty years to a maximum of life in prison. A guilty conviction could also mean the death penalty. It is imperative to hire a well qualified criminal defense attorney if charged with first degree murder or any other serious crime. Your criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid conviction and the negative consequences that come with it.

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