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Crime Reporting goes High Tech

Posted on in Criminal Defense

One of the things that Chicago police have complained about is that there is just not enough community involvement when it comes to fighting crime. Residents are afraid to report criminal activity for fear of retaliation. According to CBS Chicago, there is a new tool coming soon that can alleviate these worries.

Cook County residents will soon have access to a new phone app called iWatch. This is an app that will be downloaded right the user’s smart phone that will connect them directly to the police. With this app, local residents will be able to send in tips about crime happening in the area. They will also be able to attach and send photos of the crime or the perpetrator.

The great thing for residents is that this tool will allow them to be 100 percent anonymous in their reports. Residents do not want to talk to the police because they are afraid of what will happen if someone finds out that they have given information to the police. They often complain that police will not be there to protect them. This convenient app will alleviate those fears. iWatch supports 40 different languages so non English speaking residents do not have to worry about the language barrier that can sometimes cause an issue. The app also appeals to the younger crowd that is accustomed to communicating via text messages and other electronic means.

If you or a loved one finds yourself being accused of any type of crime, you need to have the proper legal representation. It is within your rights to have a lawyer present as soon as law enforcement apprehends you for questioning in any criminal matter. It would behoove you to contact an experienced and aggressive Illinois criminal defense attorney to make sure that your rights are observed and that your interests are protected.

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