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Common Defense Strategies in Illinois Criminal Cases

Posted on in Criminal Defense

dupage county criminal attorneyThe primary duties of a criminal defense attorney include protecting your rights and building a strong defense for your case that will allow for successful prosecutor negotiations or a dismissal in court. While the specific defenses that can be used against criminal charges vary depending on the specific allegations and details of each case, the following are some common defense strategies used by experienced Illinois criminal lawyers:

Learn the defendant's story. Sometimes, criminal defendants openly confess to the crime to their attorneys, while other times they completely deny involvement. In additional instances, a defendant may admit to only part of the offense, but provide an alternative explanation for their involvement. A qualified defense attorney will listen closely to what the defendant states and decipher the truth of what happened.

Compare the defendant’s truth with the prosecutor's "truth." Even if both the defense attorney and the prosecutor heard the same basic story regarding the events in question, they may each present the facts of what happened in two different ways. For example, a prosecutor may state a defendant punched their client because he or she was angry. However, a defense attorney may tell a different version, claiming that the defendant punched the accuser because he or she swung first and made them fear for their own safety. Explaining the facts and truth of a case in an alternate manner is an important skill for a defense lawyer.

Coach the defendant. Criminal charges can be stressful and such stress may often affect the way a defendant answers questions or the consistency of his or her story. In order to ease a defendant’s nerves and discomfort in depositions, trial, or other court settings, a strong defense lawyer may use various coaching techniques to prepare a defendant. For example, the lawyer may put their defendant through mock questioning and interviews to ensure consistency of answers in line with the main defense theory. Additionally, the attorney may also have their defendant write down on paper their version of events so they do not forget details or misstate the story.

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Simply because you have been arrested or charged with a crime does not mean you will be convicted and have to face the associated consequences. Contact an experienced Illinois criminal defense attorney who will aggressively defend your case. Limit your chance of possible penalties or even have your charges completely dismissed. If you are facing a criminal law case, do not hesitate to contact Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C. for a free initial evaluation. Call 630-472-9700 today for assistance.

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