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Criminal Mistake in Cook County Releases Convicted Killer

Posted on in Criminal Defense

ChristineA family member passes away unexpectedly in a murder. Justice was thought to have prevailed, except you hear that the killer was released. You&re furious. Do you trust the law enforcement to rectify this situation? The first question to come to mind is “Why?” only to find out it is totally the fault of the people you are supposed to trust to enforce justice.

According to Yahoo! News, on January 30, 2013, convicted killer Steven L. Robbins, 44, was released after being accidentally brought to Cook County on a dismissed drug charges from 2007 that was still recorded as an active arrest warrant. His time in Indiana State Prison hardly over, serving a 60 year sentence for murder, he should have never left Indiana. The reason for this mix-up is a system of easy failure using paper as the means to record and report all information. This antiquated system is to blame because the shuffle of information was not easy to cross reference and check for updates. Unlike most other government agencies and businesses that use computers to keep track of everything, the Indiana State Prison relies on paper alone to disseminate information.

Luckily, the law enforcement caught on to this and searched him out. On February 1, 2013, Robbins was caught in a town home in Kankakee about 60 miles from Chicago. No resistance to the arrest and recapture, Robbins went back to Indiana State Prison that Saturday continuing his 60 year murder sentence.

Mistakes with arrests can happen to anyone. If you are in a predicament of law enforcement mistake, contact a criminal attorney today in the DuPage County area to find out your rights.

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