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Debate Over Chicago's Gun Ordinances

Posted on in Criminal Defense

A recent report given by the Chicago Police department shows that Chicago homicides are on the rise. A majority of those crimes were shootings, a statistic causing some concern for gun control in Chicago. In 2010, the Chicago City Council attempted to impose strict gun laws throughout the city after the United States Supreme Court overthrew the city’s handgun ban, which had been in place for decades.

Officials are still battling for stricter gun control. Last year, Chicago Mayor Daley outlined a list of new measures to tighten the reign on gun commerce and gun ownership and use. Some included harsher punishments for juveniles found using or in possession of guns. Other restrictions prevent guns being carried outside the doors of private homes and businesses. Some of the laws can put a person behind bars for 1 to 3 years for even pointing a weapon. Restrictions on buying and selling guns will also increase.

In 2011, the city was forced to amend some of its gun ordinances when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a ban on gun ranges. Press releases from the mayor’s office cite the numerous legal challenges against the city’s gun policies, some of which continue today.

One particular point of contention is private gun ownership. In Chicago, guns are not permitted outside the home, so a person may not carry their weapon past the door - even on their porch or in the yard. Some claim Chicago’s gun laws violate 2nd amendment rights, which grant citizens the right to bear arms. Many weapons law cases are now being heard in Illinois courts. If you’re facing charges for gun possession, you will want to consult a Cook County criminal defense attorney today.

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