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Elgin woman gets 20 years for her role in murder

Posted on in Criminal Defense

 An Elgin woman pleaded guilty to a murder her lawyer says was a result of impaired judgment caused by the influence of drugs. The 29-year-old woman pleaded guilty to the murder of a man who described as her friend. The Chicago Tribune reported a story on the woman's case.

The 29-year-old, Jessica S. Leach, received a prison sentence of 20 years for her role in the murder of 61-year-old James Granger. Granger was also an Elgin resident.

The body of Granger was found on December 17 2011. Granger's apartment in Elgin had been damaged by fire.

According to Kane County First Assistant State's Attorney Jody Gleason, Leach and Marvin G. Finklea, Leach's 27-year-old boyfriend, planned on stealing money from Granger. Their plan involved Leach signaling Finklea to enter the apartment while she was distracting Granger by engaging in sexual activity in the bedroom.

Gleason said that despite the original plan, Finklea stabbed Granger multiple times and set the apartment on fire.

Leach was arrested hours after the crime. Finklea injured himself when he tried to carjack someone that same day. Finklea died in the hospital several days later.According to Leach's attorney, she never intended any harm to come to Granger. He said that Leach and Finklea were using drugs and wanted more, so they needed money.

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