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Fake Naperville Attorney Convicted

Posted on in Criminal Defense

For the last several years, 55 year old Michael Gardner has presented himself as an attorney. The truth of the matter is that he is definitely not an attorney. He does not have a law degree and never attended law school. A couple in Naperville fell victim to his scams. No one suspected a thing until one ofGardner’s supposed clients had a warrant issued for her arrest due to him not showing up for a scheduled court appearance.

Gardner helped at least three clients, even billing one for a trip to Massachusetts to file court papers there for a class action lawsuit. He truly did play the part well. He was only figured out when he dropped the ball and failed to attend a court date to represent a client.

Naperville couple Pamela and Isaias Valois, were scammed out of $10,000 by this fake attorney. They retained him for his services at a price of $500 per month. This came after a recommendation from an acquaintance of theirs recommended Gardner’s services. He did resolve one business matter for them out of court, thus leading them to offer the monthly retainer. The Valois’ own a small business, River Hill Food Mart, in Naperville, and often provided Gardner with groceries or fresh meals.

Michael Gardner of Woodridge was convicted of felonious theft by deception. He was sentenced by Judge Kathryn Creswell in the DuPage County court system to 90 days in jail with work release, 30 months of probation and must pay $9,600 in restitution. Although he faked being an attorney, Gardner found himself needing a real one to defend him against his own actions in court. The Valois couple has also hired a new attorney, with certifying credentials, to handle their affairs from here on out.

If you or a loved one are charged with felony charges such as fraud, contact a criminal law attorney immediately for representation and preservation of your rights.

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