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Former Doctor convicted of assaulting patients

Posted on in Criminal Defense

After a four hour debate Cook County jury found a Berwyn area physician guilty of sexaully assaulting patients during routine medical exams.

Ricardo Arze, 53, of Berwyn, was found guilty of criminal sexual assault.  According to Cook County’s State's Attorney's office, Arze assaulted a then 48 year old female patient in 2005 while examining her for flu-like symptoms.  Arze's conviction is the first following numerous complaints that he had fondled and assaulted female patients during similar examinations.

The victim, who does not speak English, testified through an interpreter.  According to her testimony, Arze fondled and sexually assaulted her during the exam in 2005,  She later reported the crime to authorities.

Prosecutors have currently filed charges involving fifteen former patients of Arze, and following his conviction in the current case, he is being held without bond.  The victims range in age from 23 to 52. In each case, the patents went to Arze for treatment for depression, stomach pain or insomnia.  Arze allegedly touched the patient's breasts and genitalia and asked each if they were aroused.

The Chicago Tribune reports that it was only after Arze received complaints from four separate patients before he was charged with in criminal court and had his license suspended.  Arze also faces separate charges of practicing law without a license, as he continued to practice after his license was revoked following the complaints. Arze was arrested after he provided treatment to an undercover officer in 2007.

Arze faces up to fifteen years in prison following his conviction.  He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 4th.  Investigations in the other cases are ongoing. If you or a loved one find yourself accused of a crime, contact a Cook County criminal defense attorney. We can help you avoid a conviction, as well as the potentially life changing consequences that come with it.

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