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Homicide Rate up in Chicago

Posted on in Criminal Defense

With two months left to go in the year, Chicago homicides have already reached the 2011 total. Sunday night, around 11 p.m., Fitz Bariffe, 68, became the city’s 435th homicide victim of 2012.

Within one weekend, there were at least six people killed and an additional 14 wounded in gun violence.

It was reported that Bariffe had constructed a fence around his property to separate himself from drug deals, which is now being looked into as a possible reason for his death. The other shootings during the weekend all victimized men ranging in age from 20-35.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy reassured the city through NBC Chicago, saying that although the homicide rating has increased twenty-five percent in 2012, it was originally on track to be up by sixty percent.

On WGN, McCarthy praised the city’s new strategy of denying bonds to gang members, which would get them out of prison. These gang members have been previously eligible for release due to misdemeanor charges. The bond denials have been accredited to decreasing gun retaliation by McCarthy.

While homicide rates have been decreasing throughout the year and gang members are staying locked up in prison, McCarthy is still being criticized. He has been getting complaints concerning the funding of the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy. The budget has been diminished for the year and many people are questioning how the program with continue to operate.

McCarthy plans on continuing through the year with his program, hoping to continue the decline in homicides throughout the year and makeup for the high numbers in the beginning of the year.

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