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Ignition Interlock Devices for Illinois DUI Offenders

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Illinois drunk driving laws require anyone convicted of a DUI to install a BAIID, or breath alcohol ignition interlock device before being able to start their car and drive. This also applies to people who refused to take a breathylzer or blood test at the time they were suspected of being under the influence. Individuals convicted according to this law may be able to use an MDDP, or “monitored device driving permit,” which permits them to drive as long as an IID is installed in their automobile.

Breath alcohol ignition devices are with a vehicle's ignition system. These Illinois DUI offenders can drive their car as long as they register less than a .025 blood alcohol content when blowing into the breath test unit. Users should be aware that BAIIDs will ask for random breath tests even while the car is moving, which is intended to prevent someone who has no alcohol in their system from starting the vehicle for someone who may have had a drink. An ignition interlock device also records and retains all testing results in order to transmit them to the proper authorities. It is highly recommended that DUI offenders do not attempt to interfere with the legitimate operation of a BAIID. The possibility that they will be caught is high and the consequences involved will result in more severe penalties.

In the state of Illinois, if you have been ordered to install a BAIID on your vehicle, you are allowed to drive that vehicle only. If caught driving any other car, you will be sent to jail for at least 30 days and charged with a felony.  Exception to this rule are situations involving employees who needs to operate a company vehicle. Courts will have to provide special permission before an employee convicted of a DUI can legally operate this type of vehicle.

An accusation of drunk driving is a serious allegation that has far-reaching ramifications. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, speak to an experienced and professional DuPage County DUI/DWI defense lawyer who will inform you of your rights in addition to possibly assisting you in reducing charges and expediting your case.

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