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Illinois Police Shut Down Heroin Market

Posted on in Criminal Defense

A two-month police investigation of drug activity in the East Garfield Park neighborhood has led to the arrests of nine gang members who were allegedly responsible for running an open-air heroin market in the area. Police seized $6,700 in cash and several grams of heroin, worth about $3,000 on the street.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, First Deputy Superintendent Al Wysinger stated, "This is the community's block. It does not belong to the gang bangers, the drug dealers. It's theirs (the community). We&ve taken it back and we&re going to turn it over to them."

It was residents’ complaints about the violence that led police to take action. But Wysinger also told the Tribune that with the department’s limited resources "we can&t be every place all the time." He added, "You&re going to see a stepped-up police presence initially, but we&re going to wean it back and actually turn it over to the community," Wysinger said, adding that police have warrants out for three other suspects.

Some experts feel that breaking up drug rings like this have an adverse effect, actually bringing about an increase in violence as new groups of gangs fight for territorial control. Maintaining a police presence in the area and also offering social services support is one of the key ways to keeping the drugs and violence from taking the neighborhood back over again.

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