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Illinois State’s Attorney Take Stance on Gun Laws While Others Follow

Posted on in Weapon Charges

McLean County State's Attorney Ronald Dozier has decided the current unlawful use of a firearm law is unconstitutional. He says his office will no longer prosecute people in trouble only for carrying a firearm and not for using it.

He states the Mclean County State's Attorney's Office will no longer enforce parts of the law that criminalizes law-abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights.

"I just simply commend him for coming forward with that," said Edwards County State’s Attorney Mike Valentine. On the same day, Valentine released a statement in support of Dozier, hoping Mclean County’s steps draw attention. "Every other state in the union has some sort of provision that allows citizens to bear arms,” said Valentine. “I believe all those other states can&t be doing something wrong."

Valentine states that he's reluctant to charge otherwise law-abiding people. However, he&ll use his discretion and continue to press charges on actions that break state law.

The Edwards County Sheriff agrees with Valentine’s stance. "I support passage of a right to carry law,” said Darby Boewe. “But if the public calls in a complaint to us that somebody's carrying a weapon out in public in the open, we will enforce the law."

Williamson County State's Attorney Chuck Garnati doesn&t believe Dozier's decision would be a good fit for his office and county. “I don&t think I should be picking and choosing which laws to enforce or not enforce," said Garnati. However, Garnati is in favor of concealed carry laws and does use his discretion in how a case is charged and whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony.

"Occasionally, we find somebody who doesn&t quite understand the law,” said Garnati. “You know they&ve never been in any trouble before, and they weren&t making any trouble when the police stopped him. So in those situations, we take that into consideration."

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