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It’s Just a Speeding Ticket...Right?

Posted on in Traffic Violations

traffic violation speeding ticketSometimes a speeding ticket is “just” a speeding ticket. If drivers have a record of speeding tickets which include citations of  excessive speeds, infractions caught on camera, or in a construction zone, the effects on one’s license (and wallet) can be significant. This is an even greater concern when speeding is coupled with something such as drunk driving.

Many people incorrectly assume that because most traffic infractions are civil and not criminal, they cannot carry hefty penalties. However, most people also do not know that getting a speeding ticket in a construction zone the first time can cost a driver nearly $400, or that a second violation may lead to the state suspending the driver’s license.

Representation for Traffic Offenses

Some may undermine the severity of a traffic offense and fail to consult with a lawyer. You have the right to defend yourself against these charges and should if you believe your license could be threatened, if you did not commit the infractions you are being charged with, or if there was police misconduct. Everything from driving under the influence, reckless driving, open container, and other vehicle-related infractions, such as failing to wear a seat belt or text messaging, can have detrimental consequences to your future, not to mention the possibility of criminal penalties such as jail. These infractions can cause drivers to lose their license, raise their insurance premiums, and require them to fork over hefty fines to the city. Drivers that receive speeding tickets when driving with revoked or suspended licenses may face even greater repercussions.

Driving Infractions in Illinois

Illinois is alongside most states that ban texting and driving. However, Illinois law also prohibits hand-held phone driving, meaning that all cell phone conversations must be hands-free in the car. Both texting and driving and talking while holding a cell phone are considered primary offenses. That is, a police officer can pull you over because he sees you on the phone. This is true also of the Illinois seat belt law. Illinois law in contrast to most states have seat belt laws and phone violations only as secondary offenses, meaning that you have to be pulled over for a reason other than that offense to properly be cited.

The best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with the law to ensure you are in compliance. This is especially true if you travel often, since states have different laws governing driving matters. For example, neighboring states IndianaMissouriWisconsin, and Iowa do not have hand-held cellular phone bans on their roads. These states also have different speed limits and penalties for driving in construction zones, and some outlaw DUI roadblocks. All this means is that you should always pay attention when you cross state lines and make sure you know the law on theses important matters.

I Have Received a Ticket. Now What?

If you received a citation, lost your license, or had other penalties issued for violating traffic laws, our experienced traffic violation attorneys are here to help you. Or, if you find yourself receiving multiple citations and have questions about what happens next, our convenient offices located in Oak Brook and Naperville are ready to guide you through the process. Traffic tickets can be minor or severe—regardless, know that our dedicated DuPage County traffic violation attorneys at Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C. are always available to hear about your case. Contact us at 630-472-9700 today.

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