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Juveniles and the Law

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Recently, the media seems to be reporting on a deluge of juvenile offenders and their crimes. Or, perhaps the prevalence of social media has just made society more aware of this trend. The recent rise in juvenile offenses though, has created a need for specialized lawyers capable of understanding the emerging laws concerning juvenile crimes. In addition, these attorneys need to be sensitive to the needs of the young offender and the parents or guardians of the juvenile.

 juvenile crime in IllinoisAccess to the internet and new technology has changed the way adults and children interact with each other and their peers. This has let to the emerging issues of cybercrime and cyber bullying becoming more and more prevalent, especially among juveniles. Additionally, the ease with which juveniles can acquire weapons or drugs has seemingly increased exponentially and caused numerous tragedies across the nation.  It is difficult to argue with the recent reports of increased criminal activity involving juvenile offenders However, subjecting juvenile offenders to the rules and procedures of adult courts and the adult prison system can be extremely detrimental to the juvenile.

In Illinois, 705 ILCS 405 et al., more commonly known as the Juvenile Court Act of 1987, provides  the foundation for dealing with juvenile offenders.  Specifically, the recent changes to the law cause some 17 year old offenders who have been charged with a felony  to be diverted to juvenile court, rather than prosecuted in an adult court.   The purpose of Illinois House Bill 2404 is to better serve the rehabilitation of juveniles and reserve the more punitive measures for serious offenders while avoiding the Illinois prison system which is less equipped to deal with juvenile offenders. Regardless of the charge, if you are responsible for a juvenile who has been charged with a crime, contact an experienced Illinois juvenile criminal law attorney like those at Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C., who will guide you through the complex laws and work hard to ensure that the juvenile is protected. Our attorneys have years of experience prosecuting and defending juveniles from all walks of life.  We have successfully helped rehabilitate even the most difficult juvenile offender.  Call 630-472-9700 for peace of mind.
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