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Above the Law: White Collar Crime

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white collar crimeThe biggest misconception about white collar crimes is that they are committed only among the wealthy. Anyone, from any socioeconomic background, within any demographic, can be susceptible to being involved in white collar crimes. These crimes are financially motivated, but may also involve taking clients from other businesses unlawfully, shifting accounts, reallocating resources, committing fraud, or unlawfully receiving government aid.

White Collar Criminals Can Be Anyone

Though the media focuses its attention on politicians, business moguls, celebrities, judges, and other individuals in “high powered” positions, it is not just the wealthy committing white collar crimes. For example, critics slammed the Social Security Administration for failing to adequately screen people before providing or continuing financial benefits. If someone is collecting government funds and their condition changes (i.e. they no longer are disabled, they return to work, or their medical condition improved), those people are under an obligation to notify the authorities of their changed status. Unfortunately, at the expense of taxpayers and honest recipients who dutifully report changes, thousands of people are collecting benefits that are no longer, or were never, eligible.

The Justice Department convicted an estimated 558 people of white collar crimes in May 2014. Locally, Federal District Court Judge Harry Daniel Leinenweber of the Northern District of Illinois handed down seven white collar crime convictions, the third most of any of the other federal districts. Ranging from rich to poor, white to Hispanic, individuals to businesses, white collar crime is not just happening on Wall Street, but in our own community.

Unemployment Fraud

Unemployment fraud specifically is becoming increasingly problematic as well. An estimated $3.3 billion was paid out to people who had actually been working in 2011, and numbers that have only increased since. These amounts reflect that “individuals with relatively low earnings constitute a larger fraction of those committing fraud.” With the sheer size and volume of the administration, it is not surprising that some false claims go unnoticed. The critical error that people make is thinking that these claims will never be discovered. Critics seek reform in monitoring these types of payments to reduce fraud. As always, people will continue finding ways around being honest.

Getting Help

Regardless of what decisions you made or what types of crimes you committed, Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C. is prepared to help you through this challenging time. Our experienced DuPage County white collar crime attorneys will make sure that your legal rights are protected. We can guide you through what can be a complex process for someone unfamiliar with this area of law. We understand that white collar crime spans across all different people, and we are here and willing to consult with you regardless of your background or the circumstances surrounding your case. With offices in Oak Brook and Naperville, Illinois, we are always available to hear your side of the story. Please contact us at 630-472-9700 for a free consultation today.

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