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Man Arrested After Attempting To Run Over Police Officer

Posted on in Criminal Defense

On November 18, Devontae Anderson and three other people were spotted by a police officer stealing $2,568 worth of clothing from the American Apparel store off of North Michigan Avenue in Chicago. According to this article from The Chicago Tribune, the police officer was almost struck after he stood in the street trying to get the driver to stop. The car swiped two parked cars while fleeing the scene and the police officer fired a shot through the front windshield, but no one in the car was hit.

Anderson, a seventeen-year-old with a juvenile record of retail theft, was caught and arrested after telling a friend about the robbery. The friend turned him in to the police, and he was held on a $100,000 bond on November 28. The charges include attempted murder of a peace officer, aggravated assault to a peace officer, and retail theft.

In addition to his juvenile background of retail theft, Anderson also has a history of battery. He had pleaded guilty to a battery charge just four days prior to this robbery.

According to Asst. State’s Attorney Nick Kantas, afterwards the four of them split the proceeds between them, and Anderson gave $40 to the driver for car repairs. The other three people involved in the robbery, including the driver, are still at large, with warrants out for their arrest.

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