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Man Arrested in Ohio Identified as Major Drug Dealer

Posted on in Criminal Defense

William Stuckey of South Webster Ohio was arrested on Friday March 30.  The unassuming 59 year old turned out to be exactly what the Southern Ohio Drug Task Force thought, a major player in the ring between Sciota County and Detroit.  County Sheriff Marty V. Donini said there was a possibility of thousands of Oxycodone pills were being transported to his county from Detroit.

Tips from neighbors were what initially alerted the local authorities about Stuckey.  As it happens, 59 Tripp Street is located across the street from a local park, and was easy for the neighbors to monitor.  Authorities had recently closed down a couple of “pain pill mills” in Ohio,  but say that this has been one of the largest busts since then.

With their search warrant on Friday, investigators found over 3,500 non-prescribed Oxycodone pills that were packaged in ready to sell 100 pill packages.  The pills are estimated to have a street value of $102,000 dollars.  Also seized in the raid were items consistent with a pawn shop; 39 firearms, 2 ATVs, dozens of TVs and video game systems, boxes upon boxes of power and hand tools, a Mustang along with over $17,000 dollars in cash. Donini said “that’s the reason we’re taking a lot more burglary calls – the sale of stolen guns.  A lot of drug traffickers trade for drugs, as opposed to taking cash.”

Stuckey was charged with trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs, both first-degree felonies that carry a maximum prison sentence of 11 years.  He is being held in the Scioto County Jail in lieu of million dollar bond.  And it is not certain whether he will be charged in state or federal court.

“I’m really optimistic, but I also realize in reality, he’s not the only dealer,” Donini said. “And we’re going to continue doing what we need to do to identify those who are substantially large dealers, having an effect.”  In the war on drugs, the police are coming hard and fast.  If you or a loved one has concerns about pending drug charges, you should contact a lawyer skilled in drug law and criminal defense.

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