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Man facing murder charges for strangling his grandmother

Posted on in Criminal Defense

A convicted Joliet Township man beat and strangled his grandmother only a day after he was released from prison, Illinois authorities said. The 38-year-old suspect remains jailed on a $5 million bond while he awaits the outcome of his six counts of first-degree murder charges. The Chicago Tribune recently reported a story about the case.

Darel Agerton, 38, appeared in court on December 6 for the murder of his grandmother, Veronica R. Schick. A public defender requested Agerton’s bond to be lowered, but Will County Circuit Judge Marzell Richardson did not budge. The judge did grant Agerton two phone calls.

According to prosecutors, Agerton beat his grandmother with his hands and feet on Novermber 30, before strangling her.

A day before committing the alleged murder, Agerton had been released from a state correctional facility, where he had been for an aggravated DUI, Will County sheriff’s spokesman Ken Kaupas told the press.

A sheriff’s office news release said Agerton was the one who called 911 for an ambulance. According to Kaupas, sheriff’s deputies were called in after the paramedics had arrived at the house.

Agerton’s original story was that he was taking a nap, and when he woke up, his grandmother was lying on the floor. He will appear in court again in December 31.

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