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Red Sox to Cubs – Woman Accused of Stalking Team President

Posted on in Criminal Defense

According to the Chicago Tribune, when Chicago Cubs president Theo Epstein was with the Boston Red Sox organization, Kathleen Kearney was accused of crossing the line between enthusiastic fan and stalker. In April and May of 2010, police in the Boston suburb of Brookline, where Epstein lived at the time, were hired on eighteen different occasions to keep watch over his home. However, no charges were ever filed by Massachusetts authorities against 44 year old Kearney.

It’s a different ball game for her in Chicago. She has been charged with two felony counts of stalking and her bond was set at $75,000 after she was arrested two blocks from Epstein’s Lakeview home.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Massachusetts woman showed up at Epstein’s home about10 a.m. and introduced herself to Epstein’s wife, Marie, even referring to her by name. Marie Epstein thought the woman was a neighbor and the two began chatting. Marie became concerned, however, when Kearney began discussing personal details of the Epstein’s lives, including the age of their son Jack and also shared that she had a birthday gift for him. After Kearney left, the authorities were notified.

Police reported that after Kearney left Epstein’s home, she went to Wrigley Field in an attempt to find him. Unsuccessful, she later returned to the home, where she saw Epstein entering the house. He didn’t respond when she called out to him and she drove around the block, where she was soon arrested.

Kearney’s attorney called the stalking charges “completely overblown”. If you are accused of stalking, make sure you hire an experienced Chicago criminal defense lawyer to navigate the legal process and to defend you through the criminal court system.

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