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Sealing and Expunging Misdemeanors in Illinois

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expungement, criminal record, sealing your record, criminal history, Naperville criminal defense lawyerThere are several different types of misdemeanor crimes in Illinois. From the possession of small amounts of drugs to disorderly conduct, and many other crimes, local residents are routinely charged and convicted of misdemeanors. While not as serious as felony offenses, misdemeanors still come with big fines and the possibility of spending up to a year in jail.

Unfortunately, a criminal record of any kind--including those with misdemeanor charges--will have a lasting impact on one’s life. Even if the charges against you were dismissed, an arrest record remains and is public information,  impacting  your reputation years down the road.

Fortunately, there are legal tools available to wipe the slate clean or at least ensure information about past transgressions is out of the public eye. In certain situations, Illinois law allows residents to expunge or seal their criminal records.

The Law in Illinois

Expungement and sealing are two different processes. Expungement refers to actual changes being made to your record which eliminates information on it. Alternatively, sealing a record does not change any specific information but simply makes that information private--at least to non-law enforcement officers and the general public.

Only certain records may be expunged. As explained in the state’s Criminal Identification Act, most misdemeanor convictions may never be expunged. However, there is another option, known as sealing. And, although not all convictions may be sealed, the Illinois laws does permit certain criminal offenses to be sealed, if the proper protocol is followed.

In general, you are free to pursue an expungement immediately when you are found not guilty of a crime, where there is a finding of no probable cause, or when the State dismissed the charge.

Illinois Expungement Lawyer

There are many procedural complexities to have a criminal record expunged or sealed in Illinois. It is critical to have the aid of an experienced attorney to ensure all the steps are properly followed. For guidance please contact the criminal defense attorneys at Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C. We provide support to many residents in suburban Chicago, with office in Oak Brook. Call today at 630-472-9700.

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