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South Side Police Shooting leads to Riot

Posted on in Criminal Defense

There was a robbery, a car chase, a car crash and then a riot. It looked like a scene from a great action movie. Sadly, this was the scene leading to the death of a young Englewood man. WND reports that it began when 23 year-old Jamaal Moore and some other men with him robbed a truck driver at gunpoint in the South Chicago neighborhood.

A police chase ensued in hopes of apprehending the suspects. The chase ended with Moore crashing his vehicle near the intersection of Ashland and Garfield Boulevard. The four men that were with Moore ran away. Reports state that a police vehicle hit Moore but he continued to fight the police. At one point he allegedly picked up a police officer and body slammed him twice. His partner then drew her weapon and shot him. She stated that she thought that he was reaching for a firearm. There was no gun found in Moore’s possession.

Moore’s family arrived on the scene as the situation was escalating and accused the police of murder. Angry onlookers began throwing bricks, rocks and bottles at the police officers. There were hundreds of angry people there some of which were yelling “C-C-K! C-C-K!” C-C-K is a popular Chicago street term that stands for Chicago Cop Killer. Five people were arrested for different riotous charges. One of the people made verbal threats to shoot a police officer.

While violence against police is never the answer in retaliation to a situation such as this, it does happen in big cities like Chicago. If you find yourself facing charges, it is a must that you consult with a qualified and knowledgeable Illinois criminal defense lawyer. Your lawyer will be sure to prepare your case to ensure that you face the court with a strong defense. This is a very important step to ensure your freedom.

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