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Stepson of White Sox VP Accused of Attacking Girlfriend

Posted on in Assault & Battery

inside palmer house hotelOver the weekend of January 11th, the former stepson of White Sox Vice President Kenny Williams was at a hotel downtown with his girlfriend.  Dedrick Williams is the son of Kenny’s former wife and has not been in communication with his stepfather for years.  Early on Saturday morning around 3 am, the two had a dispute and hit each other in their hotel room at the Palmer House Hotel.  When the Chicago Police arrived both Dedrick, 30, and his girlfriend, 30, admitted to hitting each other.

Williams’ girlfriend suffered a black eye, a swollen lip and bruises on her arms.  Williams’ injuries were not reported.  She claimed that her injuries were the result of Dedrick punching her in the face with a closed fist.  Both were offered medical attention at the scene but both declined to be treated and were released.

Later, she had a female friend take her to Northwestern Memorial Hospital to receive medical attention.  At the hospital, she confessed that Dedrick sexually assaulted her at the hotel.  The police arrested Dedrick at his home at the 4700 block of North Central Avenue around 9:30 am.  He was charged with felony criminal sexual assault and felony unlawful restraint.  He was also charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.  When he was at bond court on January 14th, the judge set his bond at $150,000 and ordered home monitoring if he would post bond.

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