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dorm roomOver the course of two consecutive nights, a freshman at Loyola University allegedly raped two classmates.  19 year old Colin Kennedy, a California native, was arrested on Sunday January 27th at a neighborhood restaurant after a friend of the victims texted the Chicago Police Department with his description and location.

The first sexual assault occurred on January 13th after a night of drinking.  The 19 year old victim allowed Kennedy to stay in her room in Fordham Hall.  After being asleep for a while, the girl woke up to Kennedy sexually assaulting her but she was unable to stay awake and escape.  After the attack, Kennedy allegedly want to another friend’s room to talk about the event only wearing boxers.  The victim woke up naked after falling asleep fully clothed and noticed Kennedy’s clothes on her floor.  She told a friend and later informed the campus police.

The next night, a 20 year old girl was also allegedly sexually assaulted.  After a small gathering in her room, this girl allowed Kennedy to stay there because he couldn’t get into his own dorm room.  Again after the victim fell asleep, she woke up to Kennedy groping her.  Although she tried to fight him off, Kennedy raped her and then fell asleep.  She stayed awake the rest of the night and asked Kennedy to leave in the morning.  When she spoke to her friends about the incident, one turned out to be the first victim from the previous night.


An Oak Park man was arrested in late October and charged with aggravated child pornography, “after more than 700 pornographic images were found on two computers in his home,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times. He was released on a $500,000 bond, and the court date was scheduled for the last week of October. Joe V. Hymon, 44, was caught when the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force contacted Oak Park police, after an IP address that was “downloading and uploading files containing pornographic images and videos of children” was linked to Hymon’s home.

The ICAC is, according to the Sun-Times, a task force “comprised of state and local law enforcement agencies that investigate and prosecute cyber enticement and child pornography cases.” The Chicago Police Department has an entire team dedicated to online safety, known as the Internet Child Exploitation Team. Not only does the team work with other law enforcement agencies, it’s also “committed to teaching children and their parents to be safe during their online activities.”

According to statistics from the U.S. Attorney General, there are an estimated 100,000 web sites that offer child pornography. The industry is worth $3 billion annually, and one in every five children is sexually solicited online. According to Illinois State Law, most child pornography cases, such as the one with which Hymon has been accused, are Class 1 felonies, which can result in imprisonment last four to 15 years. Additionally, those convicted of a child pornography crime can face fees ranging from $1,000 to $100,000.


An alleged drug dealer was critically injured in suburban Woodstock, according to police.

John Kurchina, 22, called and scheduled a drug deal Sunday night at a home on the 600 block of Lawndale Avenue. He took an undisclosed amount of marijuana from the 26-year-old alleged drug dealer and ran before paying. The dealer chased Kurchina to a waiting vehicle. When Kurchina got into the passenger side of the car, the alleged dealer volleyed himself on to the hood of the vehicle. 

The driver was 21-year-old Hanna Schacht of Woodstock. She took off with the dealer holding on and then decided to slam on the brakes which caused the man to projectile onto the pavement. The pair then sped away from the scene. There were multiple witnesses that saw the entire occurrence and assisted the police with descriptions of the suspects as well as the vehicle.


A alcohol-influenced crash injured five people on the Southwest Side of Chicago in late April, and the driver responsible is being held on a $50,000 bond, according to theChicago Tribune. Lethanniel Barajas, 19, “faces felony charges of aggravated driving under the influence resulting in an accident which caused bodily harm and misdemeanor charges of DUI, operating a vehicle without insurance, and failure to produce a driver’s license,” police told the Tribune. Barajas had a blood alcohol level of .093,  which is .013 above the legal limit.

According to the Tribune, Barajas was operating a Honda Accord which left the southbound lane and hit a northbound Ford Crown Victoria taxi containing three passengers. The driver of the taxi, 41, was initially listed in serious-to-critical condition, as was a 19 year old passenger. The other two passengers, 21 and 19, were taken to the hosptial but were released. There were two passengers in Barajas’s car, one of whom was hospitalized, though both the other passenger and Barajas, were not.

Illinois is one of the handful of states that has adopted a zero-tolerance drunk driving law, which means that anyone whose blood alcohol content is more than zero will automatically have his license revoked for at least three months. If convicted of a DUI, which Barajas is surely facing, his license will be revoked for a minimum of two years. Zero-tolerance laws have also been adopted in California, Florida, New York, and Texas.

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