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McLean County State's Attorney Ronald Dozier has decided the current unlawful use of a firearm law is unconstitutional. He says his office will no longer prosecute people in trouble only for carrying a firearm and not for using it.

He states the Mclean County State's Attorney's Office will no longer enforce parts of the law that criminalizes law-abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights.

"I just simply commend him for coming forward with that," said Edwards County State’s Attorney Mike Valentine. On the same day, Valentine released a statement in support of Dozier, hoping Mclean County’s steps draw attention. "Every other state in the union has some sort of provision that allows citizens to bear arms,” said Valentine. “I believe all those other states can&t be doing something wrong."


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In June, 2011, Julie Gorcznski had just graduated high school and was one week away from her eighteenth birthday when the Jeep she was a passenger in was slammed into by a Mazda that had been traveling at least 76 mph in a 40 mph zone. The impact caused the Jeep to roll over, killing Julie. The driver of the Mazda, Lukasz Marszalek, 21, had an extensive history of speeding violations.

An investigation by the Chicago Tribune revealed that the court system had repeatedly granted Marszalek special probation (also known as court supervision) despite the fact that he repeatedly broke the law. Between October 2006 and August 2009, he was cited for speeding on six different occasions, receiving a sentence of supervision four times. The last two supervision sentences he received were in March and August of 2009.  By law, he should have been ineligible for supervision until April 2010. But on the day he appeared in court in August of 2009 and received the fourth supervision, he was cited for driving 100 mph in a 55 mph zone. For that violation, he was sentenced to a fifth supervision and a $500 fine. A sixth supervision was granted in September of 2009 and a seventh in June 2010.

On June 20, at a ceremony at Julie’s high school, Lincoln-Way North High School in Frankfort, Gov. Pat Quinn signed “Julie’s Law”. During the signing, the Governor said about Julie, “God sometimes doesn’t give someone a long chronological life, but he gave Julie a purposeful life. We should always remember that. That her years with us, she made a difference, and she is still making a difference.”

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