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IL defense lawyerEven as the status of some types of drugs, such as cannabis, has changed with advances in medical science, possession, and use of most street drugs remains a serious crime. Illinois, in particular, has raised the sentences for drug possession and distribution in recent years, which means that if you find yourself charged with such an offense, it can mean serious penalties upon conviction.

The Elements Are Clear

There are three major elements to a charge of drug possession in Illinois. Possession can be charged if one is caught with either the listed drug or a controlled substance analog, which has a chemical composition similar to any listed controlled substance (such as certain designer drugs, for example). The elements are: 1) establishing the substance in question as controlled; 2) showing the defendant knowingly possessed that substance; and 3) the substance was in that person’s possession (either actual or constructive possession qualifies).


credit card fraudTheft. Fraud. Misappropriation. Possession. Receipt. All of these terms have legal significance under the Credit and Debit Card Fraud Act of the Illinois Criminal Code. While the broad term of credit card fraud encompasses an array of specific crimes, credit card fraud is generally defined as a person using, obtaining, possessing, selling, or buying a credit card bearing a false number or a number that does not belong to him or her. Misusing a credit card that has not been lawfully issued to you is a serious crime that may lead to federal penalties.

What Constitutes Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud comes in many forms. Some of the most common, as laid out in the Illinois Credit and Debit Card Fraud Act, include:


Illinois weapons laws, DuPage weapons defense lawyerThe State of Illinois boasts some of the toughest gun-control laws in the country. In 2010, a controversial case stemming from Illinois litigation led to the United States Supreme Court. This decision, McDonald v. Chicago, placed an emphasis on Second Amendment Rights (where we get the “right to bear arms” from) and shut down what had been a long-standing ban on gun possession in certain areas. The Illinois legislature responded by implementing more stringent requirements for gun ownership, including requiring background checks, fingerprinting, fees, and mandatory gun training classes.

Despite the rules presently in place, gun violence is still a monumental problem on our Chicago streets. With more than 500 murders taking place on Chicago streets in 2012 alone, Chicago has some of the highest gun offense numbers in the country. Not only are the numbers high regarding murder rate, but also for unregistered weapons and unlawful possession. Also of grave concern is the fact that up to 60 percent of the unregistered or unlawfully obtained weapons found in Illinois are actually coming from other states, meaning it’s not necessarily that Illinois gun control laws are not working, but that people are still able to find ways around the laws.

Gun Charges in Illinois

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