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Talking on the phone is such a natural process – some of our best conversations happen there. However, there are people out there who use the phone to scheme ways to get your hard earned money through telemarketing fraud – when you send money to people you do not know, give personal information or financial information to unknown callers.

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There are many warning signs that, when you hear them, you know to say no and hang up the phone. From offers that need immediate attention to be valid, to winning a free gift, vacation or some other prize to which you need to pay only postage and handling. When they ask for payment right away, giving your credit card number, bank account number or waiting for someone to come over and pick your money up are all dangerous options. Recognize the immediate need for money as a sign! By agreeing to have someone come and pick up your money you will have no way to trace the company. Always make sure you get the salesperson’s name, business identity, phone number, street/mailing address and business license to make sure it is a legitimate business.


ChristineA family member passes away unexpectedly in a murder. Justice was thought to have prevailed, except you hear that the killer was released. You&re furious. Do you trust the law enforcement to rectify this situation? The first question to come to mind is “Why?” only to find out it is totally the fault of the people you are supposed to trust to enforce justice.

According to Yahoo! News, on January 30, 2013, convicted killer Steven L. Robbins, 44, was released after being accidentally brought to Cook County on a dismissed drug charges from 2007 that was still recorded as an active arrest warrant. His time in Indiana State Prison hardly over, serving a 60 year sentence for murder, he should have never left Indiana. The reason for this mix-up is a system of easy failure using paper as the means to record and report all information. This antiquated system is to blame because the shuffle of information was not easy to cross reference and check for updates. Unlike most other government agencies and businesses that use computers to keep track of everything, the Indiana State Prison relies on paper alone to disseminate information.

Luckily, the law enforcement caught on to this and searched him out. On February 1, 2013, Robbins was caught in a town home in Kankakee about 60 miles from Chicago. No resistance to the arrest and recapture, Robbins went back to Indiana State Prison that Saturday continuing his 60 year murder sentence.


KerryA new law has been signed by Gov. Pat Quinn which will allow illegal immigrants to get special driver's licenses. The Illinois Secretary of State’s office told the Chicago Tribune that it will take approximately ten months to finalize rules about who will qualify for the licenses and what documentation will be accepted. Once that’s done and employees are trained, the state will then begin issuing the licenses.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Edward Acevedo, D-Chicago, who attended the bill signing, which was held at Instituto del Progreso Latino in Chicago. Acevedo noted that the bill was not about driver’s licenses but was in fact about equality for everyone. The licenses will be referred to as temporary visitor driver's licenses. They will only be valid for three years from date of issue and will clearly be marked “not valid for identification”.

In order to qualify for one of these special licenses, an applicant must prove they have lived in Illinois for a least a year. They also cannot be eligible for a Social Security card. Acceptable documentation includes a copy of a lease, utility bills and a valid passport or consular identification card. Applicants will need to make appointments at one of the eight state-wide designated locations. There will be a wait time before the license is issued in order for the state to verify the application information and perform a facial recognition search against other databases.

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