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Illinois weapons defense, DuPage County criminal lawyerMere possession of weapons can have a detrimental effect on your future if you are one of the thousands of individuals that is not permitted to carry a weapon under the law. While everyone has a right to bear arms, this right may be taken away or limited by the government if you are a convicted felon, faced domestic violence charges, are mentally incompetent, or have other previous offenses the government deems makes you unfit to carry freely.

Limitations on Carrying Generally

Consider also that such restrictions mean you cannot carry any enumerated weapon under the law, legal or illegal. If you were carrying unlawful weapons before, these restrictions do not mean now you can only carry lawful ones. Illinois places restrictions on items such as automatic firearms, silencers, or short-barreled shotguns generally. Just because someone is willing to sell you a weapon does not mean you are allowed to possess it, even if it is something a non-felon could lawfully own.


Illinois drug possessionCity of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently pitched a controversial idea to help open up prison space for violent offenders and to allow non-violent offenders a chance at a productive life. The pitch is, objectively, a trade-off. Mayor Emanuel is prepared to lessen Illinois drug possession laws in exchange for tougher gun control laws. Not only has Emanuel committed to decriminalizing marijuana, but his plan would also reduce minor drug possession charges to misdemeanors, which have lesser sentences than felonies. “Minor” drug possession would be considered less than one gram of any controlled substance. Anything over that amount would still be considered a felony. This would be an expansion on a marijuana ticketing bill introduced in Chicago in 2012.

The Pros

Proponents backing Mayor Emanuel’s plan point to a reduction in prison population. A significant portion of Illinois jails are filled with non-violent drug offenders. The rationale is that this legislation would free up jail space for violent criminals and allow police officers an opportunity to focus on violent crime in our streets. Mayor Emanuel openly reminded the public how “[a] felony conviction can make it harder to go to school, apply for financial aid and find housing. There are times when a felony conviction is no doubt warranted, but we have to ask ourselves whether it’s too high a price to using drugs.” This resonates with anyone who has had to face the wrath of society after making one mistake in their past.


Illinois concealed carryIn July 2013, Illinois legislators enacted a conceal and carry law which, as its name suggests, allows Illinois residents to conceal and carry certain automatic weapons. The law made national news because Illinois was the last state in the country to enact such a law.

When the online application for a conceal and carry permit became active, 11,000 Illinois residents applied. Of these applications, several were denied, and at least 200 individuals have brought their objections to state court. Many rejected permit applicants want to appeal the denials because the applicants believe they were unfairly deemed a threat to public safety and consequently should not have been denied a permit.

Police Department Responds

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