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Telemarketing Fraud - a White-Collar Crime

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Talking on the phone is such a natural process – some of our best conversations happen there. However, there are people out there who use the phone to scheme ways to get your hard earned money through telemarketing fraud – when you send money to people you do not know, give personal information or financial information to unknown callers.

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There are many warning signs that, when you hear them, you know to say no and hang up the phone. From offers that need immediate attention to be valid, to winning a free gift, vacation or some other prize to which you need to pay only postage and handling. When they ask for payment right away, giving your credit card number, bank account number or waiting for someone to come over and pick your money up are all dangerous options. Recognize the immediate need for money as a sign! By agreeing to have someone come and pick up your money you will have no way to trace the company. Always make sure you get the salesperson’s name, business identity, phone number, street/mailing address and business license to make sure it is a legitimate business.

Some offers are obviously sketchy or fraudulent;  if this particular charity states that you do not need to worry about researching them, understand they are more than likely trying to hide something. Stick to organizations and companies that you know, and stay away from ones you have never heard of. If you are unsure, ask for written information and/or references about the company – then wait for it to come and check it out with the Better Business Bureau or other similar protection agencies. Do not let their special offer entice you to act foolishly! You want to give yourself time to make wise financial decisions and that you understand fully. Talk to friends, family, or a financial adviser  You never want to pay for something that is free – even if the company claims that you have good reason to. Once you have made a decision, pay when you get the service – not before.

If you feel you have information about a case of telemarketing fraud, report it to state, local or federal enforcement agencies. If you are in need of a lawyer who is familiar with this type of white collar crime in the Wheaton, IL area, contact an attorney right away.

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