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Trial of mother accused of killing her four year old child starts

Posted on in Criminal Defense

The trial of a woman accused of killing her four year old daughter begins this week in Du Page County. Marcy Webber, 45 of East Nassau, N. Y. and formerly of Woodstock, has a long history of mental illness.

In 2010, Webber was accused of first degree murder following the death of her daughter, Magdelene “Maggie” Webber.  Maggie was found with her throat slashed on November 3, 2010 by Webber's teenage daughter.

Police reported that Maggie was found in Webber's townhouse, almost decapitated, while the words “Divine Mercy” were scrawled on the wall with Maggie's blood.  Webber was found in the home, suffering from a self-inflicted slash wound to the wrist.

According to Webber, she killed her youngest child in an attempt to save Maggie from being raped and sold as an Internet sex slave.  Authorities have reported that there was no credible threat against Maggie.

Before Maggie's death, Webber had lost custody of her older daughters, and received several visits from child welfare investigators.  She reportedly told her oldest daughter that she was being pursued  by secret societies including the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

The public defender assigned to Webber's case, Jeff York has filed an insanity defense.  York says that the outcome of the trial will hinge on Webber's mental state at the time of Maggie's death.

An insanity defense opens the case to additional possibilities.  If you or someone you know is considering such a defense, it is vital that you consult a trained Chicago defense attorney to help in compiling your defense.  If Webber is found not guilty be reason of insanity, she could face detention in a mental facility instead of jail.  If she is found guilty but mentally ill, her sentence could be jail time.

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