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Will I Need a Lawyer if I Don't have Health Insurance?

Posted on in Criminal Defense

The answer to this question is quite possibly yes! President Obama’s Healthcare Reform Bill was just deemed constitutional and will be upheld by the Supreme Court. Beginning in 2014, all Americans will be required to have health insurance. Now, the President has said that he does plan to allow each state to come up with a menu of their own healthcare options that can be affordable to their residents; this is yet to be seen.

The fact of the matter is, not all Americans can afford healthcare. Some are unemployed or underemployed and cannot pay their necessary household expenses as it is. If you fall into this category, you will need an attorney because not having healthcare will become criminally punishable with fines and/or wage garnishments. President Obama did state that his goal is to be able to provide healthcare plans to all families, and allow families that already have healthcare to keep their plans. Those that will be seeking healthcare will not be able to be turned down by an insurance company due to pre-existing conditions. There are pros and cons to this new Healthcare Bill.

If you should find that you are in a legal situation regarding this new healthcare bill, there is help out there. Please contact the law offices of Kathryn L Harry & Associates, P.C. by visiting our website at Your Affordable Defense or by calling our office at 630-472-9700. Our attorneys are here to represent you and your family in the event that a legal defense attorney is needed to fight hardships brought on by this healthcare bill. We can also be contacted via email for your convenience. Health insurance is not an option for every family, especially those that do not qualify for Medicaid or those that do not have sufficient income. Let our office work hard to protect your rights.

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