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An Unexpected Divorce Case

Posted on in Divorce

It is no secret that people file for divorce on a variety of reasons, whether they are emotional, practical or financial reasons. The lady in this story had an altogether different reason for her divorce filing, and a rather unexpected one. Her husband's refusal to recreate S&M sex scenes from "Fifty Shades of Grey" was enough of a reason for this British woman. The Huffington Post reported a story on this unusual divorce filing.

A 41-year-old British banker has filed for divorce after her husband refused to reenact scenes from the novel Fifty Shades of Grey, according to The Sun. The woman's attorney told the Daily Mail that the woman had been reading the book and she wanted to spice up her love life, but the husband was not too interested in what she suggested. The woman decided that her husband has a boring attitude toward sex and that she has had enough.

The husband's clear disinterest in the woman's kinky fantasies was the last straw, as it caused the woman to file for divorce. This less-than-conventional divorce case is currently going to the British High Court, the Mirror writes. It remains to be seen when similar ideas land in the U.S., but for now, the case remains quite unique.

As this story shows, a number of reasons can lead to a divorce. When you are planning to file for divorce or already did so, having a skilled divorce attorney becomes important. Divorces are highly stressful, and the help from an experienced divorce attorney can prove to be quite invaluable. Contact our offices for a knowledgeable Naperville, Illinois divorce attorney.

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