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Cicero Town President’s Wife Cites Abuse as Grounds for Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

In what appears to be gearing up into a heated divorce, the wife of Cicero's town president has filed for divorce, citing "abuse" as grounds. Elizabeth Dominick, 55, became Larry Dominick's third wife in December 2006. Shortly after the wedding, Elizabeth, a nurse, was hired as he director of the town's health clinic, an $80,000 per year position. She quit the position earlier this year, citing "horrific mental abuse" on the job.

Larry Dominick claims the allegations of abuse by his estranged wife are false and makes the claim, through Town Spokesman Ray Hanania, that he is the only victim of abuse in his six year marriage. In a statement made to the Chicago Sun Times, Larry Dominick said he has been estranged from his wife for more than a year, that she had deep-seated "emotional issues" and that he had urged her to seek medical attention.

Controversy has cropped up periodically during Dominick's tenure as town president. Last year, he was sued by a Cicero town worker who claimed he was fired because he was Latino, as well as allegations of Cicero of racial slurring. In the past five year, he also has been charged with four different sexual harassment complaints. One accuser, a former Cicero town animal shelter employee, filed a federal lawsuit, where it was revealed that the FBI had secretly taped recorded a conversation between Dominick and the female employee, where he demanded she lie if questioned about another sexual harassment lawsuit that had been filed against him.

CBS Chicago ran a report last year revealing that despite the anti-nepotism campaign Dominick had run on, besides his wife, he had put many other family members on the town's payroll, including a step-son, sister-in-law and nephew.

If you have been a victim of abuse in your marriage and are seeking a divorce, make sure you hire an experienced Chicago area divorce attorney to protect your rights. The divorce process can be confusing and intimidating, even more so with an estranged spouse who may be abusive.

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