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Common Concerns about Child Custody

Posted on in Child Custody

Divorce is a very difficult process to go through even when it is the best option for your family. Tough decisions have to be made since no one would want to make children suffer through fighting parents for their entire childhood. In order to have the best and easiest co-parenting arrangement possible, it is necessary to review the common aspects of child custody.

The first concerns with children are physical in nature. During the school year, a schedule will need to be maintained which makes it easier for the children to lead a normal life. During summer break, it is a great opportunity for the parent with less custody to spend time with their children. Summer months and holidays are prime times for vacations, which can also be scheduled in child custody agreements.

The secondary concerns are more logistical issues. When children are making their way between the residences of two parents, it is important to consider the time and expenses of these trips. If one parent does not have a reliable mode of transportation, then the custody order should address the financial expenditures of the other party. Child care can also be addressed during the divorce proceedings. If one spouse needs a babysitter, they might lean on the other spouse, but this can strain the relationship if it becomes too commonplace.

As one can imagine, settling a child custody agreement is much larger than it seems on the outset. If divorce is the only option for your family, then you will certainly need the help of an experienced legal professional. It would be time consuming and expensing to make a modification after the divorce decree has been finalized. Contact a skilled divorce attorney in DuPage County who can assist you during your divorce.

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