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Divorce Hotel soon to open in USA

Posted on in Divorce

Stranger things have happened, but could you imagine checking into a hotel on a Friday married and checking out Sunday divorced without having stepped outside during your stay?

Well, a Netherlands entrepreneur is trying to make divorce that simple in America, and hopes to open up several divorce hotels in the United States. The idea is that a couple can check into a Divorce Hotel, and with the help of mediators and on staff divorce lawyers, divide their property up and settle custody issues within a 48 time period.

If you are going through a divorce, or if you are already divorced, you are probably thinking- yeah right. Emotions ride high during divorce proceedings, lots of financial documents need to be reviewed, and clients should fully explain to their attorneys exactly what they expect out of the divorce. A 48 hour period to get that all done is just not practical. Even if this is something you want to do, imagine how difficult it would be to persuade your soon-to-be ex to go away with you to a ritzy hotel, only to get a divorce. If you cannot agree on other marital issues, how will you agree to take this weekend get-a-way together?

According to the New York Times, "as a practical matter… it probably wouldn't work for most couples….The notion of being able to — at the beginning of a split-up — spend a weekend putting these various pieces together and coming to a solution to them would be virtually impossible."

If you are getting a divorce, do it the right way by hiring a top Chicago area attorney who you can trust. A quickie marriage is not the best way to get married and a quickie divorce is not the best way to get a divorce.

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