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Don’t Forget to Pay Your Child Support in Illinois

Posted on in Child Support

Illinois employs a number of creative solutions to get deadbeat parents to pay up. According to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, the State's child support enforcement laws brought in a record $1.38 billion during the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2009. Deadbeat dad laws in Illinois are meant for parents who are significantly delinquent in child support payments, and specific criteria determine who is eligible.

State and federal laws took effect in October 1998 requiring all Illinois employers to file a report within 20 days of hiring any new employee. Employers must submit information to the Illinois Department of Employment Security's New Hire Directory, including the new employee's name, address and social security number, and the company's name, address and Federal Employer Identification Number. This information is shared with the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement.

Deadbeat dad laws in Illinois permit the state to deny or suspend a variety of licenses if the applicant owes past-due child support. For instance, the Illinois Secretary of State can deny, refuse to renew or suspend a deadbeat dad's driving privileges if he is at least 90 days behind in paying his child support. Similarly, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources can deny or refuse to renew hunting or fishing licenses if the applicant is a deadbeat dad. The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation can take action against any occupational licenses or certificates the person may hold, whether it is a license to practice medicine or abate asbestos.

Also, Illinois operates a deadbeat parent website featuring the names and photos of worst offenders, along with the amount of child support they owe and the date of their last payment. This can be viewed here. Deadbeat dads qualify for publication if they owe at least $5,000 in past-due child support under an Illinois court order or administrative support order.

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