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Establishing Temporary Orders in Illinois Divorce Cases

Posted on in Child Custody

When a married couple separates and decides that the only solution is to dissolve their marriage through divorce, it can be a scary time, and there are many factors that need to be considered immediately that won't wait for a divorce decree many months down the road.

- Who should move out of the marital residence?

- What property is the moving party entitled to bring with them out of the residence?

- Who is entitled to money in the bank accounts?

- Who will care for the children as the full-time custodial parent?

- Will the non-custodial parent have visitation?

- Should there be some form of child support or spousal support?

The list of questions one faces when they decide to divorce is specific to each situation, but depending on the complexity of the marital situation – children, businesses, and assets involved – it can be a daunting and overwhelming experience that people should never go through alone. The very first thing you want to do is consult the advice of a professional Illinois divorce law firm.

The first order of business to answer all of these and other questions is to consult with your attorney and begin the divorce filing process and get before a judge to establish temporary orders.

Temporary orders in divorce cases are common. Each court system seems to have pre-approved standard orders it will grant if requested, without requiring anything extraordinary to be proven. These temporary orders stay in effect, by their own terms, until modified by agreement or by the judgment of the court in the ultimate divorce decree.

Take the opportunity to identify everything that worries you. List and then discuss your concerns with your Illinois divorce attorney. Together you'll be able to prepare and submit a proposed temporary order agreement to resolve any initial concerns through your spouse's attorney or to the court directly.

For more information temporary orders, family law, and all divorce needs, in the DuPage County Illinois area contact the top DuPage County Illinois divorce lawyers at Kathryn L. Harry and Associates.

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