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How to Select a Divorce Lawyer: Part 2

Posted on in Divorce

illinois divorce attorneyPreviously, we discussed a key consideration when selecting a divorce attorney: hiring a lawyer who has a busy schedule and caseload (and one who knows the laws). In the second part of this series, we will visit another quality to seek out in an attorney to help you achieve the outcome you desire: a personal connection.

Beyond the Cost: Look for a Connection

Not all attorneys or law offices are alike. As with any business or professional, each law firm has a unique culture and each attorney has a different approach to their work. When weighing various factors and deciding who to hire to represent you in a separation, it is critical to closely consider the "intangible" factors. While it is difficult to identify the specific qualities that may be best for your situation, it is important to develop a connection with your advocate.

Instead of simply accepting the lowest price or unrealistic promises, you should seek out a divorce lawyer with whom you feel a bond. Your attorney is your closest ally throughout the trying and stressful process of divorce. Therefore, you should want to know that he or she will connect with you as an individual and not simply see you as another case file.

Some considerations include:

Communication style – Do you work better with individuals who are short and direct or do you prefer a more casual approach? Your divorce attorney's communication style should match your own.

Compassion – Does the attorney seem genuinely interested in your needs, concerns, and fears? The ending of a relationship is very personal, and you want an advocate who has the empathy needed to walk you through the process with an eye for your feelings.

Comfort - Are you comfortable when talking to the attorney and willing to be honest about your needs and wishes? Family law is very intimate, and the best outcomes are only achieved when you trust your attorney and do not shy away from explaining your situation fully and accurately. Feeling reserved when working with a lawyer opens the door for problems.

If you and your attorney can connect and relate on emotional and intellectual levels, chances are good that he or she will understand and appreciate your goals. If your lawyer truly understands what is in your best interest, he or she will be better able to stand up for those interests to ensure you achieve the outcome you desire in your divorce case.

Contact an Experienced Illinois Divorce Lawyer

At Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C., we aim to truly connect with our clients and have a full understanding of our clients' best interests throughout the divorce process. We understand that selecting a divorce attorney can be stressful, and we offer free initial consultations so that we may discuss your case without a commitment and so that you may get to know us better. If you are facing a divorce in DuPage County, please do not hesitate to contact us at 630-472-9700 for help today.

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