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Kardashian Divorce and Deposition

Posted on in Divorce

According to Huffington Post, Kim Kardashian is playing hardball in the pending divorce from former beau, Kris Humphries. The couple was married just 72 days but after close to a year, the divorce is all but resolved.

The point on contingency is that Humphries is seeking to have the marriage annulled and does not wish to settle the divorce amicably. He is stating that this is simply a case of fraud because he believes that Kim never loved him and that she married him simply for the publicity.

Kardashian's attorney states that because the marriage was so short in duration and the fact that there was a prenuptial agreement signed, the case should be very easily resolved.

Recently, Kardashian's new beau, Kanye West, was deposed in the matter. It was stated that Kim is so ready to get married to West that she has now set an ultimatum that she requires to be met before the end of the year. Trial of the matter is set for mid February representatives of Kardashian states that she has no intention of still being married to Humphries at the end of this year. Specifics of this ultimatum have not been released at this time. Others deposed in the case include Ryan Seacrest and Reggie Bush. Kim Kardashian has yet to be deposed.

While the marriage and divorce drama of celebrities seem nothing but entertainment to most of us, divorce is a very real issue for many people. Short lived relationships are not always the norm. However, no matter the circumstances of your divorce, you need to have an aggressive and knowledgeable Illinois divorce attorney there to protect your interests.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that if you do not have million dollar assets and children that need to be taken care of that you do not need to have a lawyer. This could be further from the truth.

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