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New Trend in Divorces Involving Children: Divorce Ceremonies

Posted on in Divorce

When a couple who has children decides to divorce, the well-being of their kids is often a primary concern. According to msnbc, an increasing number of divorcing parents are trying a new technique aimed at making the divorce transition easier on their kids – they're participating in divorce ceremonies.

These un-marriage events are designed to include the couple's children, and involve the divorcing parties reading pledges that they promise to adhere to during and after the divorce (for example, not putting their children in the middle of a dispute.) The founder of a website dedicated to divorce ceremonies said that the soon-to-be ex-spouses often invite a few close family members and friends, and may hold an olive branch as they recite their divorce vows (divorce ceremonies don't, however, usually include other wedding-esque factors such as dancing or buffet meals.)

One Rabbi points out that similar ceremonies have traditionally been part of the process in a Jewish divorce, and feels that it's beneficial for older children to witness the official ending of their parent's marriage.

Whether or not a divorce ceremony is in your plans, if you're divorcing in Illinois and have kids, you're probably concerned about how they'll handle your divorce. While there's no denying that divorces do affect children in nearly every instance, having a competent Naperville divorce lawyer on your side can help. A knowledgeable Naperville, Illinois divorce attorney can help you and your ex come to an amicable resolution, causing your divorce to progress as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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