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Post Valentines Day Blues | Illinois Divorce Lawyer

Posted on in Divorce

TheresaAccording to a report that was published by Yahoo Shine, divorce filings usually significantly increase immediately after Valentine's Day. Recent studies have revealed several surprising statistics around the holiday that is meant to spark feelings of love between two people.

One study revealed that instances of divorce filings increased by as much as 40 percent in the days directly following Valentine's Day. Experts state that the day that is customarily known as a day for romance has become a day of reckoning for couples who have relationships that are on the brink of falling apart. Many of these people have already consulted with an attorney regarding a divorce and look at the holiday of love as the last day to give the relationship a try. They look at Valentine's Day as the one day that they can fix everything that is wrong with the relationship or at least salvage it enough to give it a try.

Those who are disappointed and find that things did not go as they had planned are the ones who file for divorce. While others are ready to file, studies have also shown that divorce questions and inquiries regularly increase by an average of 36 percent after February 14th.

Some divorcing couples were also shown as using Valentine's Day to deliver that one final dig. There has been a rise in requests that the divorce be finalized on Valentine's Day or to even have depositions done on that day, as if people need just one additional reminder of having a failed relationship.

Studies have also shown that prenuptial agreements are harder to negotiate directly after Valentine's Day because people find themselves questioning whether their partners really love them directly after the emotionally riddled holiday.

If you are considering a divorce, you need to be sure that you are truly ready to end your marriage. Once you have made that decision, you are ready to consult with a trusted and experienced Illinois divorce lawyer.

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