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Rap Star Charged with Domestic Violence

Posted on in Child Support

Flavor Flav of the hip hop group Public Enemy was arrested and charged with battery, domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon on October 17. Las Vegas police received a call from the rapper's fiancée concerning a fight she had had with Flavor Flav, whose given name is William Drayton Jr. According to police, "the caller advised she had been involved in a physical
altercation with her fiance, who was identified as William Drayton." He had also threatened his fiancée's son with a knife.

The rapper could end up in prison for a maximum of six years if convicted of the assault charge, and in jail for six months if he is found guilty of battery domestic violence. Flavor Flav had already failed to pay child support to the mother earlier this year which almost landed him in jail; however, the dispute was resolved. In the 1990's, the rapper was treated for drug addiction. He also has had problems with the law many times before this incident, for example, on July he was arrested for possession of fireworks and disturbing the peace.

No one should tolerate domestic violence. A victim of abuse should contact police as soon as possible and also seek legal help. An order of protection and restraining order can be obtained against the abusive spouse. The order of protection prevents the aggressor from continuing the abuse, and restraining orders prevent the abusive spouse from coming near the victim.

If you or a loved one is under threat of domestic violence or have been harmed by a violent spouse, you need help as fast as possible. Contact a dedicated orders of protection attorney in Illinois today.

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